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Expert pensions administration that puts your members first

Expert knowledge, high-quality member care and fully integrated technology

A multi-award winning service

We are dedicated to delivering best in class services, and our single focus is what sets us apart. Our innovation and customer-centric approach to delivering services have earned us numerous awards, highlighting our commitment to excellence. We take pride in our ability to provide superior services and strive to exceed customer expectations. As testament to this, we have been awarded Investor in Customers Gold Status for seven consecutive years, highlighting our commitment to excellence.

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The Trafalgar House difference

Our business has grown out of an in-house operation that still holds the same cultural and philosophical values of putting members first. We have a long history of achieving or exceeding our targets and our service is supported by rigorous compliance and assurance standards, including ISO 27001 information security certification and AAF 01/20 assurance on internal controls.

Experience in-house member care and cutting-edge technology

We have been delivering outstanding standards of service to members and trustees for over ten years. With superior service standards and market leading communications, our members and trustees receive an unparalleled personal service.

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News and insights

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Latest Trafalgar House Trust and Confidence Index shows drop in member confidence in retirement income

Despite experiencing a pick-up in 2022 (31.7%), respondents’ confidence in having enough money to retire has returned to 2021 levels (30.9%). Whilst a relatively small drop, it still marks the end of the improving shift towards people feeling they would be able to meet their retirement needs and goals.

Reading time: 5 minutes 01 July 2024

Trafalgar House achieves coveted Investors in People Gold accreditation for the second time

Trafalgar House, a specialist third-party pensions administrator, today announced they have achieved their second Investor in People (IIP) Gold accreditation.

Reading time: 5 minutes 29 May 2024

Trafalgar House achieves seventh consecutive Investor in Customer Gold status

Trafalgar House, a specialist third-party pensions administrator, today announced they have achieved their seventh consecutive Investor in Customers (IIC) Gold Status.

Reading time: 5 minutes 22 April 2024

Trust & Confidence Index 2023

This fourth edition of our Trust & Confidence Index surveys a Great Britain with a slightly sunnier outlook on the pensions industry following a lengthy strain on finances across all aspects of day-to-day life. However, many members of the British public are still feeling the impact of money pressures on their ability to plan for the long-term future.

Reading time: 15 minutes 16 April 2024

Trafalgar House Awarded Administration Provider of the Year at Pensions Age Awards 2024

Trafalgar House has been named ‘Administration Provider of the Year’ award at the Pensions Age Awards 2024.

Reading time: 2 minutes 23 February 2024

Introduction to cyber security: A guide for pension scheme trustees

In the digital age, effective cyber security is essential in fulfilling the duty of a pension scheme trustee. This guide aims to provide you with essential knowledge and practical steps to assess the cyber security measures implemented by your pensions administrator. 

Reading time: 5 Minutes 15 January 2024

The Post Office Horizon scandal, a lesson in leadership

The Post Office Horizon scandal serves as a vital case study with both business and personal lessons for leaders. As we delve into the intricacies of this scandal, it’s important to recognise the dual nature of the lessons it imparts – those that apply to business practices, particularly also relevant for pensions administration, and those that resonate on a personal level with every business leader. 

Reading time: 5 Minutes 08 January 2024

Mastering pension buy-ins: addressing the administration challenges

A pension buy-in is a significant undertaking that comes with its own set of complexities and challenges. These can have an impact on various stakeholders, from the scheme and its sponsor to the end members. This article aims to shed light on some of the key administration challenges and lessons learned from our recent experience of delivering these projects. 

Reading time: 5 Minutes 27 November 2023

The UK-US data bridge: opportunities and considerations for UK pension schemes

The introduction of the UK-US Data Bridge, effective from 12 October 2023, marks a pivotal development in data protection, with particular relevance to UK pension schemes.

Reading time: 5 Minutes 24 November 2023

Callum Westney joins our Client Relationship Management team

We’re pleased to welcome Callum Westney to our Client Relationship Management team at Trafalgar House. With expertise in client support, he’s a timely addition in this busy period for our clients.

12 October 2023

Adapting retirement plans in response to the cost of living crisis

The rising cost of living raises concerns about the potential effect on pension contributions and whether it may prompt savers to re-evaluate their retirement strategies. A recent Trafalgar House study delves into whether UK savers are being forced to adapt their retirement plans in response to the cost-of-living crisis.

Reading time: 5 minutes 30 March 2023

Trafalgar House Achieves Silver Status for Employee Wellbeing

Investors in People is delighted to award Trafalgar House, We invest in wellbeing, silver accreditation. Getting silver means that Trafalgar House has the right principles in place, and has developed a good wellbeing strategy, that is supported by their people. People are involved and excited about what’s to come!

Reading time: 2 minutes 31 July 2023

How a proactive digital strategy can mitigate the impact of pensions dashboards

As an administration specialist, we regularly meet trustees and pensions managers who are under the impression that Pensions Dashboards (when they finally arrive) will remove the need for a comprehensive, self-service digital engagement strategy. This, we believe, is a misconception.

Reading time: 5 minutes 18 July 2023

Unravelling the trust quotient: member insights on trust and confidence in the pensions industry

As part of our research into Trust & Confidence in the pension industry we asked the public to rate their trust in the pensions industry from 0-10 and tell us why they gave that score. Here we take a look at the results.

Reading time: 8 minutes 12 July 2023

Key focus areas for trustees in 2024: a pensions administration perspective

As we enter 2024, pension trustees are faced with a unique blend of long-term strategies and immediate priorities for pensions administration. This year, several key areas demand attention, and should shape the focus of trustees’ when they’re engaging with their administrator.  

Reading time: 5 Minutes 03 January 2024
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98% SLA achievement​
4 days average turnaround
9/10 customer satisfaction
99% + accuracy
Trafalgar House fully deserve our top award as they consistently demonstrate an exceptional level of service to their clients and members. Tony Barritt
Director at Investor in Customers
Throughout my career, I have worked on numerous contracts, and I can confidently say that negotiating our service contract with Trafalgar House was a seamless and hassle-free experience. The team at Trafalgar House demonstrated a highly pragmatic and sensible approach to our contract negotiations, which not only helped us reach an agreement promptly but also paved the way for what we expect to be a productive and mutually beneficial relationship. Steven O'Brien
Trustee Director, Janus Henderson Group UK Pension Scheme
For many years our members and Trustees have benefited from the quality and care delivered from our own in-house team. In selecting and working with Trafalgar House, we have taken great care to ensure our values and standards are upheld and that the investment we have made in our people and systems are preserved. Jo Udall
Senior Pensions Manager at Siemens UK
Having a solid platform to continue the same care that the in-house team provided in dealing with members was important. At the same time, it was important to have a strong foundation to enhance the member experience going forward through the use of technology. After an extensive selection process, the Trustees felt that Trafalgar House had the right values and approach Dinesh Visavadia
Trustee Director for the Action for Children Pension Fund
Whenever you look for a new provider, you are always hoping to find a long-term partner that will genuinely share your values – and that is exactly what we found in Trafalgar House. They have already proven that we made the right decision, sharing our ‘can do’ approach throughout the process. Martyn Hurd
Previous Chairman of the Trustees for the ITN Limited Pension Scheme

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