We aim for high standards in everything we do, however, we recognise that there may be occasions when we fall short of your expectations. We know it can be frustrating if something has gone wrong, there has been a delay, or when we are simply not able to offer the answer you need. We will always work to resolve these situations as quickly as possible.

We expect and actively monitor communications to make sure our team are courteousunderstanding and respectful in all their communications. We also expect our clients, pension scheme members and contacts to be respectful of our employees.

We do not expect our employees to tolerate:

  • Shouting, aggressive or threatening behaviour
  • Personal verbal abuse
  • Derogatory remarks
  • Inflammatory statements or offensive language
  • Sexually inappropriate comments or remarks
  • Remarks of a racial or discriminatory nature.

On occasions that our employees are treated this way, we will restrict the service we provide. These restrictions can include ending telephone calls, permanently removing our telephone helpline services, insisting that all communications are conducted in writing or refusing to attend video or face-to-face meetings. The measures we take will be based on the severity of the issue.