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Leveraging an extensive career in project management spanning more than a quarter-century, Gillian has established herself as a seasoned Lead Project Manager. Her expertise, honed primarily within the pensions sector, is underscored by a consistent track record of delivering complex projects both on schedule and within budget.

Gillian’s journey in project management started at Mercer, where she built her administration skills and command over project execution. Subsequently, Gillian moved progressively through senior roles at the Higham Group, Willis Towers Watson, and Civica. Throughout these tenures, she led a myriad of client projects, invariably bringing about substantial improvements in efficiency. Her tenure at Willis Towers Watson was especially noteworthy, with Gillian playing a pivotal role as the Installs Lead and successfully delivering major projects over an intensive two-year period.

Presently serving as the Lead Project Manager at Trafalgar House, Gillian oversees project delivery across a diverse portfolio of Defined Benefit (DB), Defined Contribution (DC), and hybrid clients. Her vast experience, combined with a deep understanding of the pensions landscape, equips her to steer the project management team adeptly, ensuring that client projects deliver their strategic objectives.

Throughout my career in project management, I’ve come to believe that the key to delivering complex projects successfully is not just understanding the task at hand, but also deeply understanding the people we are serving. It’s about aligning strategic objectives with client needs, ensuring every decision echoes their vision, and turning intricate challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth.

– Gillian Hickey

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